Water Service Replacement

Want to upgrade your old, worn out or damaged water service? Give us a call.

The water service is the underground pipe that runs from the water main on your street and delivers water to your house. As the property owner, you are responsible for repair or replacement of your service if damage or a leak occurs. Power and Water Corporation is responsible for the main line only.

Water Meters – the little green cylinder that ticks away when you use water - generally found at the front of your property. They may be Power and Waters asset, but it is your responsibility to maintain the area around the meter, the customer side of the piping, including the upstand, and ensure it is accessible for reading and maintenance. Only a licensed Plumber, or a Power and Water Corporation team member can install or carry out repairs on a water meter.

Hot Water Services.

We may be in a desert, but our winters sure do get cold. Hot Water Services are an integral part of our lives here and make those winter mornings a bit more bearable. At SDA Plumbing we have the knowledge and experience to determine what type of system best suits your lifestyle and install a new system or carry out repairs and maintenance on an existing system, ensuring sure your system is compliant and safe. Whether it’s a large solar hot water system, an electric system, or a small gas fired system, we can help.